SIP Settings

You can use your IrishVoip account with any broadband Internet connection.

Basic SIP Configuration

Display name: Your phone number*

E.g. Your mobile number, your landline number.
(Leave "Blank" to not send any Caller ID info)

Protocol: SIP

SIP Transport: UDP

SIP Server:


SIP Port: 5060

Proxy: Leave empty

Proxy Server: Leave empty

Username: Your IrishVoip username (including *irishvoip)

E.g. username*irishvoip

Password: Your IrishVoip password

Registration time: 3600 seconds o 60 minutes

Codec: G711alaw, G711ulaw, PCMA, PCMU, G729, GSM, ILBC


* By entering the caller ID you certify that you are the rightful owner of the number and acknowledge that abuse will be prosecuted.